Tips to Maintaining Healthy Glowing Skin this Winter

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With the summer quickly fading, many people are starting to put away their summer clothes in exchange for warmer layers. As you’re preparing your closet, you should also start to consider what you will do differently in terms of your skin. The cold winter can take a serious toll on the healthy and glowing skin that you spent the summer perfecting.


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Watch for Irritants

Irritation on your skin can cause that glow to fade. You may have itchy and dry skin, or you may end up with an allergic reaction. You probably already know to avoid products, such as lotions, that contain ingredients to which you are allergic. However, you may not consider how other things that you come in contact with every day can cause irritation. For example, you might be sleeping with the wrong type of pillowcase, thereby leading to excessively dry or oily skin. You may also be wearing a fabric that doesn’t agree with your skin. When your skin is irritated, consider what you recently did differently. Eliminate that stimuli.


Evaluate Your Products

If you’re looking to get healthier skin that glows, you should take a look at the products you’re currently using. You may have been using them for so long that you never even bothered to question whether they are the best ones for you. Going through the list of ingredients may lead you to recognise that you are actually using products that are causing your skin to become more dry.



Whether you’re noticing that the skin on your face or the skin on your legs doesn’t appear as healthy as it used to, that may be a sign that you need to exfoliate. If you do currently exfoliate, the method or product that you’re using may be in need of an upgrade. Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells in a gentle way. Once those dead skin cells are gone, you are likely to see that healthy and glowing you coming back out.


Turn the Water Temperature Down

When the chill of the winter is in your bones from the moment that you wake up, you may want to turn the water all the way up to the highest temperature when you get in the shower. This move might make you feel comfortable for the moment, but it can damage your skin in the long term. Keeping the water on a cooler setting can help you to achieve your desired glow, and it might also wake you up in the morning to prepare for the day.


Wash and Moisturise

After you take a shower, you may sit in a comfortable robe for awhile before you continue with your routine. By doing so, you are actually decreasing your chances for healthy and glowing skin. As soon as you wash your face or get out of the shower, you should moisturise. Doing so right after washing helps to lock the moisture into your skin. You might even notice that your skin feels tighter if you try to moisturise without having washed.


Select the Right Moisturiser

Even if you moisturise right after you wash your face or get out of the shower, you might not be using the one that is right for you. For example, if you have dry skin and are using a moisturiser for oily skin, then you are probably experiencing an outbreak of pimples. When you know your skin type and how your skin reacts to different products, switching moisturisers can be as simple as going to the store and picking up a new item. Fortunately, help is available if you’re unsure. Many department stores can help you to select one that is right for your skin. You could also go to a makeup store to speak with a consultant there.


Moisturise Often

While you don’t need to start running late to work because you’re so busy moisturising, you should ensure that you are adding moisture to your skin on a regular basis. Skipping this process might be tempting when you’re still tired after your morning shower or when you just want to go to bed at night, but doing so will likely lead to dry skin. You can also keep a small bottle of hand lotion in your purse or work bag. Hands tend to get quite dry in the winter because of their frequent exposure to the elements. After you wash your hands in the work bathroom, moisturise them.


Try a Mask

No matter how often you moisturise your face, you may still notice that it is dry during the cold winter months. You can try a mask to bring moisture back to your face. Instead of rushing through an array of errands on a weekend morning, you can take some time to pamper yourself at the spa or in your house. Speaking with a representative at the local spa can introduce you to the different types of masks available and the best one for bringing more moisture to your face.


Work Overnight

Even when you are sleeping, you can work to get the healthy skin that you’re dreaming of. Some moisturisers are meant to be worn overnight. Keep in mind that if you sleep with pets in your bed, they may attempt to lick the moisturiser off, especially if its a fruit based. If your furry friends do like to cuddle with you at night, you may want to try one of these moisturisers when you’re away on vacation or when you’re taking a nap on the sofa without any company.


Watch Your Diet

You’ve probably heard that the food you eat can affect your skin, and you’ve probably also heard that this claim is entirely a myth. Different people can have assorted reactions to the same products. If you notice that your skin is dry every time after you eat a certain food, you might be having a reaction to it. You may have a condition that is uncommon. Remember that each person’s body is different.


Drink Water

If you’ve ever skipped your regular intake of water, you probably don’t feel the best the next day. In addition to causing deleterious effects on your internal body, a lack of water can also make your skin dry. You should have a conversation with your doctor to find out what the appropriate amount of water is for you to drink each day. Generally, your water intake is based on your weight. However, you may have medical reasons why you need to alter that amount.


Defend Your Skin

As you are packing away your summer clothes, you may also toss the sunscreen body into the back of the bathroom cabinet, never to be seen again until the spring arrives. However, the sun is still out in the winter. A sunburn can lead to dry skin, and it can also be dangerous for your long-term health. On top of wearing sunscreen, you should also look for scarves, hats and gloves that will protect your skin from the elements on the coldest days.


Watch the Indulgences

When the temperature are cold, you may just want to sit by the fireplace at night and drink a few glasses of wine. However, drinking too much alcohol could cause your skin to not have that shine from the past. Finding a couple of beverages that you really enjoy; stick to just one or two per night.


Explore Different Options

Maybe you’ve tried virtually every product at the store, but you still aren’t finding ones that make your skin glow. Instead of opting for items that you can buy, consider trying out some natural methods to getting your skin into better shape.


Try a Tanner

If your skin is healthy but it isn’t glowing like it did in the summer, you could purchase a self-tanner. Just watch for how dark you go with the shade. If you look as though you just stepped off of a beach every day in the winter, people are likely going to know that the tan isn’t real. Remember to avoid tanning beds as they can seriously damage your skin on both the outside and the inside.


Visit the Dermatologist

Plenty of people experience some issues with dry skin in the winter, but you might notice an excessive amount of dead skin. You may also see that none of the steps you’re taking are working. If that is the case, then you may have a skin condition that requires treatment. Visiting a dermatologist can help you to learn what the source of the issue is and different cosmetic treatments.

Whether you’re waiting for winter to arrive or you’re in the midst of it now, you might not be too happy with how your skin looks and feels. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life without beauty. You have many options to explore so that you can get back that healthy skin with its glow.


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