The Perfect Time for your Varicose Vein Treatment

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When it comes to looking your best and keeping your body in great shape, it is common to look into daily exercise and healthy eating habits. People are creating proactive habits by watching what they consume as well as tracking their weight fluctuations. While these are important aspects of taking care of your body, what many forget to consider is the condition of your veins. Your veins are critical for blood movement in the movement and keeping your muscles and organs in tip-top shape. Just as it is important to exercise your muscles and treat your body right by working out, it is equally as important to get your varicose veins treated if they impact your health.

Not only are your veins important for your physical health, they can also play a role in your mental health. Having unusually visible veins can make you self-conscious about your body and hinder your confidence. Some also have discoloured veins and think that there is nothing they can do except cover their skin. The truth is, there is a solution to these issues, and that solution is to get a varicose vein treatment using the new technology that dermatologists have developed.

Time for your Varicose Vein Treatment - Vein Solutions

Varicose Vein Treatment has been made available to almost anyone and has many various forms. Each individual can examine all of the options and be able to determine which kind of Varicose Vein Treatment is for them. With the advanced technology, treating your veins has become more convenient than ever. There is no excuse not to go take care of those stubborn veins and make your summer look the most confident you have ever had. There can be many issues with your veins, from enlarged vein cavities, discoloured veins, swelling, ulcers, to telangiectasias (also known as spider veins). Regardless of which vein issues you struggle with, varicose vein treatment can be solve those issues without taking a major amount of your time. Although venous disease can not be cured, treatments can minimise the issues and make it seems as though they are non-existent. Many of the treatments can actually be done in the office and end up taking less than a day to be completed.


Varicose Vein Treatments

The variety of vein treatment offers different benefits for each person, depending on their individual needs. Five of the most common Varicose Vein Treatments offered are Catheter-Assisted Procedures, Endovenous Laser Ablation, Vein Stripping, Sclerotherapy, and Foam Sclerotherapy.

Catheter-Assisted Procedures involves the insertion of a thin tube into the vein for those with abnormally large vein cavities. The tube is heated with laser energy before insertion, and then once removed, it reduces inflammation by causing the vein to seal off.

Endovenous Laser Ablation uses minimally invasive laser treatment to treat your veins and is practised by vascular surgeons or Phlebologist. It is often used alongside of Sclerotherapy, and is a very minimally invasive treatment compared to traditional vein surgery. The Phlebologist will seal the veins using the energy from the laser and cause the veins to sink back down from the surface of the skin, which will hinder their visibility. Along with making the veins seem to disappear, the treatment also reconstructs blood flow. This procedure is one of the most popular due to its speed and minimal discomfort and or scarring.

Vein Stripping Vein Stripping is where the doctor will tie a vein to prevent it from connecting with deeply rooted veins, and then removing the vein using minuscule incisions. This surgery usually takes only one day, and does not effect blood circulation in a major way.

Sclerotherapy In this method, the doctor will inject the vein with a solution that seals the veins and prevents them from reopening. This will cause the veins to retract from the surface of the skin and make your skin look flawless once again. It can be done right at the office and does not require any sedatives. It is often used in addition to Endovenous Laser Ablation to ensure that dysfunctional veins to not continue to invade the healthy ones, and cause your skin to flourish. It prevents future issues which is why it one of the most popular procedures.

Foam Sclerotherapy One of the newest techniques in the medical field, Foam Sclerotherapy is another method tending to be effective for those subject to abnormally large veins. It is also especially useful for getting rid of those pesky spider veins. The method consists of taking the large vein and inserting a foam sclerosant directly into the blood vessel within. Blood flow is restored to a healthy level, which helps you look and feel great.


Wrapping Everything Up

After taking a look at how your veins effect your lifestyle, it is easy to say that keeping your veins in excellent shape and treating them right is essential for a happier and healthier body. Not only will keeping your veins help you your body feel well, your self image will be much better than ever before since you do not have to cover up those pesky blemishes. By understanding which treatments are most popular and how they work, deciding which one is best for you will be much more efficient and educated.

Now its time to consider what vein treatment will be best for your specific vein issues, and consider what direction to head toward today. Do not let those dreadful vein irregularities bring you down for any longer, and make an appointment for a varicose vein treatment today.


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