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Private Treatment of Varicose Veins

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Mr Sameh K Dimitri

Mr Sameh Dimitri MB BCh, MSc, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Edin)

MB BCh, MSc, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Edin), Endovascular Diploma

Clinical Director of the South Mersey Arterial Centre (SMART)
Consultant Surgeon and Endovascular Surgeon – Countess of Chester Hospital

Mr Dimitri trained in vascular surgery in the Mersey region (Wirral, Liverpool and Chester). He is interested in minimally invasive treatment for venous disease and has run courses to train consultants who wish to develop their skills in the new treatments. Mr Dimitri was the only consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon in the UK approved to provide training to other surgeons in cyanoacrylate glue treatment under the original inventing company Sapheon prior to them being acquired by Medtronic.


  • Minimal invasive varicose vein procedures under local and general anaesthetic
  • Vascular surgery
  • Endovascular surgery
  • Vascular medicine


Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can broadly be divided into 2 categories based on their size:

• Truncal veins – large, prominent veins which bulge from under the skin.
• Thread veins (or ‘spider’ veins) – fine, unsightly veins with a red or purple discoloration

The varicose vein treatment options for thread veins are different from that for main varicosities.

The treatment approach for thread veins is different from that for main varicosities. Injection microsclerotherapy or Veinwave is used for thread veins whereas the management of larger varicosities more commonly requires cyanoacrylate glue, laser treatment – EVLT, radiofrequency ablation – VNUS, foam sclerotherapy or standard surgical techniques.

Varicose veins in legs - solutions and treatment of varicose veins

Your initial consultation will involve a clinical examination in addition to an ultrasound scan to identify the type of varicose veins present and guide the decision regarding the optimum treatment strategy. Some patients with thread veins will not require ultrasound scanning. Vein Solutions provides a comprehensive range of varicose vein treatment services encompassing both minimally-invasive techniques and conventional vascular surgical procedures to eradicate varicose veins.


Private Varicose Vein Treatment Prices by Procedure:

** Prices below are starting from prices and may differ based on optimum treatment strategy.

** Interest Free Payments Can Be Arranged.

  • Laser – starting from £2000 (per leg)
  • Radio Frequency – starting from £2000 (per leg)
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue – starting from £2650 (per leg)
  • Foam Sclerotherapy – starting from £850 (per leg)
  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome – price on application ( requires pelvic and abdominal ultrasound scan : £381 )
  • Multiple Phlebectomies – starting from £500 (per leg)


Face to Face Consultation Prices:

  • Consultation with Mr Dimitri – £170
  • Ultrasound Scan – one leg £200
  • Ultrasound Scan – two legs £300


This will be needed prior to the following procedures:

  • Laser Ablation
  • Radio Frequency
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue
  • Foam Sclerotherapy
  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome


Virtual free of charge consultation is available for the following procedures:

  • Thread veins – starting price £350 per leg
  • Veinwave – starting price £350
  • Facial Phlebectomies – starting price £850
  • Hand Veins – starting price £1200 per hand
  • Breast Veins – starting price £1000
  • Vaginal Veins – starting price £1000

Once you have been quoted a treatment price, this is the final price which includes the treatment and follow up consultations.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. You can also find information in our brochure.