Lip Augmentation for Thin Lips: Q&A

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One of the most common aesthetic complaints is thin lips, and this is a concern shared by individuals all over the world. People desire lips that are youthful, plump and appealing. In the past, there was no exceptional answer to this issue, but this has changed due to lip fillers. The government has given their approval for numerous types of lip fillers, and the benefits are unquestionable. There are variations in the density, longevity and usage, but the bottom line is these products work. There are seven common questions people have regarding lip fillers for thin lips, and these are answered below.

Lip Augmentation Question and Answer - Vein Solutions


What is The Cause of Thinning Lips

Naturally thin lips are often a result of genetics, but lips thinning with age is fairly common. As a person begins to age, their lips can become smaller, and have a deflated appearance. Science has studied this phenomenon, and the answers are incredibly complex. The simplest explanation is thinning lips are caused by changes occurring within the facial tissues. Not only are there changes in the skin, what is beneath the skin goes through changes as well. This causes the face and lips to lose substantial volume, definition and plumpness as time passes.


What are The Treatment Options for People Interested in Plumping Thin Lips

Dermal fillers are one of the best possible options for thin lips. They provide a more youthful appearance, add plumpness to the lips, and are safe to use. There are a wide range of dermal fillers available including Restylane products such as Refyne, Defyne and Restylane Silk, Belotero, and Juvederm products such as Volbella and Voluma. All of these products come in the form of a crystal-clear gel, and are the same as hyaluronic acid. This is a substance found in natural skin. An experienced cosmetic specialist will explain the benefits of each product, and determine the right choice for your specific needs.


What Happens During the Lip Augmentation Procedure

The procedure is simple, easy, and only requires a few minutes. Often, the patient makes an appointment for a consultation, and the lip augmentation procedure is performed directly afterwards. The dermal fillers are given with an injections, and there is usually no downtime necessary for the patient to recover. They simply walk out of the office with fuller, plumper lips.


Do My Lips Have a Natural Appearance After the Procedure

Every lip augmentation is performed to produce a result that looks completely natural. Instead of looking like you just had a treatment, your lips simply appear to be much more youthful and plumper. The emphasis is placed on providing you with a treatment that feels right to the specific needs of each individual. The results are designed to have a natural and healthy appearance, and bring the fullness back to thin lips.


The Safety Factor of Hyaluronic Acid

Although it is called hyaluronic acid, the type contained in dermal lip fillers is not actually an acid. Technically, it is a water-loving molecule naturally found in the human body. This is what keeps the skin both hydrated and plump. Hyaluronic acid provides both volume and shape to the lips. Unfortunately, as the skin starts to age, the levels of hyaluronic acid start to consistently drop. This causes the lips to become thinner, and lose a lot of the natural fullness. The products designed for lip augmentation contain hyaluronic acid because it is a substance natural to the body. The gels are very soft, and the results are safe and natural.


Can Juvederm be Added Safely to Lips with Restylane

Many patients have been treated using both Restylane and Juvederm in the same area. Although there are a lot of similarities between these products, the characteristics differ slightly. The combination of both often provides advantages to patients in specific situations. Many patients have found the result of this combination is plumper, fuller and more youthful lips.


What Happens if The Patient Has Second Thoughts After the Procedure

Most individuals truly love the way their lips look after a dermal filler. Anyone who has doubts or second thoughts needs to understand the procedure is reversible. The results can additionally be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient. Reversals and touch-ups are done using a medication called hyaluronidase. This will effectively cause the filler to dissolve, leaving the lips in their original state.

The most important aspect of any lip augmentation is to find a cosmetic specialist with experience, and expertise in this area. Once you have spoken with a professional, and the procedure has been explained in-depth, you will begin to relax and see the possibilities. This procedure is safe, has been performed for many years, and can be the answer for anyone unhappy with thin lips. The best possible option is to schedule a consultation, and make an educated, and informed decision from there.



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