Facial Vein Treatment in Cheshire

Thread veins, also called ‘red’ or ‘spider veins’ are common on the face and can also appear on the arms and legs. Facial thread veins can appear on the nose, cheeks and chin.

Your initial consultation will involve a clinical examination and guide the decision regarding the optimum treatment strategy. Where possible Vein Solutions recommends minimally invasive treatments such as Veinwave to safely and effectively treat spider veins.

Mr Dimitri MB BCH, MSc, FRCS facial spider vein treatment is available at various Healthcare Commission recognised facilities covering Cheshire, including Nuffield, Bupa, Spire Health and Lead Clinician at Countess of Chester Hospital.


What are Facial Veins?

Facial or thread veins are tiny twisted red blood vessels that are located close to the surface of the skin, which allows them to become visible. The medical name for thread veins is telangiectasia. While they may also appear to be broken, they are not actually broken. They are slightly enlarged and usually measure between one and three millimetres in width. They may be itchy and at times uncomfortable because they may cause pressure on other small veins.

Telangiectasias or thread veins commonly occur on the face and may be seen on the nose, chin, and cheeks. Thread veins also appear on the arms and legs, but they are more commonly referred to as spider veins when they appear on the arms or legs. These thread veins are known as spider veins because they have a cobweb appearance. Men and women can both be affected by thread veins, but they occur far more often in women. By the age 40, nearly half of all women have thread veins, and they become increasingly more common in older individuals.

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Treatment Options for Facial Thread Veins

Facial thread veins (spider veins) be treated with the use of different modalities including laser but one of the most effective treatments is Veinwave.

Veinwave Treatment

Veinwave is an advanced, revolutionary procedure that we recommend for the treatment of thread or spider veins anywhere on the body. Veinwave is beneficial in the treatment of facial thread veins and for redness, such as rosacea, on the face and chest. Veinwave quickly treats the tiniest veins that cannot otherwise be treated using laser treatments or other techniques. The Veinwave procedure is quick, and it provides immediate results with relatively little discomfort.

Veinwave is a minimally invasive technique that produces thermocoagulation, which heats and closes the vessels immediately using an electrical device. The procedure includes the use of an ultra-fine insulated needle that is inserted into the top layer of the skin without piercing the blood vessel itself. The thread or spider vein is destroyed and immediately disappears. The needle is very fine, and the process is speedy. Patients tend to describe the procedure as pain-free.

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Benefits of Spider Facial Vein Removal

We offer the fastest treatments at Vein Solutions, and many of our clients are treated and return to work that day. We provide a walk-in and walk-out solution. Some of our patients even have the treatment completed during their lunch break. Our vein treatments are minimally or non-invasive procedures that require zero downtime. Patients can enjoy their regular routine after the treatment.


Treatment Procedure Prices:

** Prices below are starting from prices and may differ based on optimum treatment strategy.

** Interest Free Payments Can Be Arranged.


Face to Face Consultation Prices:

  • Consultation with Mr Dimitri – £170


Virtual free of charge consultation is available for the following procedures:

  • Thread veins – starting price £350 per leg
  • Veinwave – starting price £350
  • Facial Phlebectomies – starting price £850

Once you have been quoted a treatment price, this is the final price which includes the treatment and follow up consultations.


Facial Vein Treatment Locations in Cheshire

Varicose vein treatment with Mr Dimitri is available at various Healthcare Commission recognised facilities:


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. You can also find information in our brochure.