Coping with Varicose Veins in Summer

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Has your life has been put on hold due to embarrassing varicose veins?. Summer is the time of year where you flaunt the hard-earned physique and glowing skin you worked hard for all year. However, even with a scrupulous diet and hours spent at the gym, you may still be left with unsightly (and at times painful) varicose veins, spoiling your summer fun. Rest assured that there are some simple tips to help you cope.

Coping with Varicose Veins in Summer - Vein Solutions

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that appear on the surface of the skin as opposed to under the skin like normal veins. They are typically caused by the loss of vein wall elasticity and faulty valves. Their colour may range from blue, red, green or purple.

Symptoms may include unpleasant appearance, pain, discomfort and cramps.

1. Planning a Holiday This Summer? Reconsider Fun in The Sun.

Maybe you have in mind walking along breezy, sandy beaches below a bright sun. Just try to keep your holiday limited to mild or moderate temperatures rather than blazing hot. The heat can lead to swelling in the veins, which further leads to pain and/or embarrassment.

Furthermore, all that heat is bound to cause much more perspiration. Sweating is one of the leading causes of dehydration, which in turn leads to inflammation. Along with other parts of the body, the veins may swell in an attempt to increase blood flow to supply the body with nutrients it may have lost while perspiring. So drink (water) to the lees!

Lastly, sunburn is quite common, so take measures to use sun-block or avoid the sun during the peak hours of noon to three. In addition to the pain and discoloration, sunburn can actually make your veins appear larger. Just as veins may enlarge as a result of dehydration, they may also dilate to send healing nutrients to the sunburnt area.

2. Use A Self-Tanner.

With all the warnings against sun exposure, you may have thrown all hopes of a summer tan out the window with good intentions. You can still maintain “the look” with self-tanners. Though less permanent, remember safety first. Sun exposure can take a toll on varicose veins. Not only will a self-tanner provide the illusion of a real tan, it can also cover those blueish veins.

3. Get Your Blood Flowing.

When there are prolonged issues with blood flow, you can expect to have larger veins from the stagnant blood that accumulates. You may end up with varicose veins and even more detrimental conditions, such as heart problems or blood clots.

There are a few ways to increase and maintain blood flow.

First, indulge in ginger and turmeric. These two gems have impressive health benefits, such as improving blood circulation. Also, though it may be tempting to lie around during your holiday, take a scenic walk. Not only will you be familiarizing yourself with a foreign place and lowering stress, just a short 15-minute walk gets the blood flowing.

If you don’t foresee yourself on foot much, be sure to keep your legs elevated to heart level. This makes it much easier for blood to flow throughout the veins, reducing inflammation. Compression socks, which are tight fitting socks that promote circulation, can also be a good fit if you choose to remain sedentary.

4. Plan Well.

You may have a long journey ahead, whether traveling by car, train, bus or plane. The long trip may have you sitting for hours. In addition to sipping on some anti-inflammatory beverages like a turmeric latte or ginger tea, be sure to pack your compression socks and plenty of water.

Also, paying a little extra for a spacious seating allows for more movement. Airlines have multiple seating options. For example, booking a seat by the emergency exit means more leg space and less worrying about the person sitting in front of you. In addition to choosing your seat wisely, traveling during the week, late night or early morning can sometimes leave you with a row to yourself or nearly empty. This can lead to more space for stretching and moving around.

5. Massage Your Legs.

Massaging is a common contemporary and antique method for reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow within the body. Massaging varicose veins can decrease both swelling and discomfort. One remedy involves rubbing the legs with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper or using essential oils. Apple cider vinegar improves blood flow and helps reduce toxicity in the veins. Varicose veins are often ridden with toxins, as with any area that has poor blood circulation. Cayenne pepper helps with circulation due to the presence of vitamin C.

You don’t have to let your varicose veins leave you indoors all summer. There are many precautions and remedies that can improve your quality of life before you decide to take more drastic measures. Follow the above tips to help you cope and regain your confidence.


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